Moon Charts

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Moon Charts

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? The moon has a lot to do with it! By taking your birth date, Birth time, and birth place I can get you a detailed report about how the moon effects you. If you would like a personalized Moon Astrology chart I am offering for a limited time two different charts. 

The basic chart consists of 
*What phase moon you were born under and how it affects you. 
*What Planet was aligned with the moon when you were born and how it affects you. 
How the moon makes you "tick"

Cost $35 

The Extensive chart consists of 
*Everything in a basic chart 
*An extensive search of how the planets, signs and moon phases were aligned on the day you were born and how it affects you as a person. 
*A minor breakdown of your numerology chart. 
Costs $75

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