Events, Workshops And Classes

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Classes and Workshops

This is a full list of all of Purple Zen Ajna's Classes and workshops. These Classes/workshops are held at: 
Tranquility Wellness Center
235 Littleton Rd Unit 1-2
Westford, MA 01886

Unless Otherwise Stated

Reiki Level 1

In this class: 
*Learn the basics of Reiki 
*What is Reiki 
*How does Reiki work 
*The history of Reiki 
*Self, Table and Chair Treatment 
*Receive Reiki 1 Attunement 
* You will receive a certificate upon completion 

Please bring your own lunch as I will provide fruit and veggie tray. 

Class is $150 and payment option of $75 and $25/month for 3 months is available. 

Please register up to 1 week prior to class. 

Reiki Level 2

In this class we will 
*review Reiki 1 
*Receive Reiki 2 attunement
*Use Crystal grids
*Use Reiki to Heal distantly 
You will receive a certificate upon completion!

Prerequisite is Reiki 1. Must show certificate from Reiki 1. No online certificates accepted. 
Course cost is $150 and a payment option of $75 then $25 a month for 3 months is available!
Please bring your own lunch as I will provide fruit and veggie tray.
Please register up to 1 week prior to class. To register online click ticket link or for payment plan option please contact me.

New Moon Workshop

The new moon is a perfect time for setting up your intentions. A time to visualize what you want to happen in this new cycle! 

In this workshop we will:
*Create a vision board
*Talk about the significance of this moon cycle!

Cost is $15 up to a week ahead (see ticket link) or $20 the night of

Full Moon Workshop

The full moon is a perfect time for releasing things that no longer serve you and opening room for the intentions you set in the new moon. 

In this workshop we will:
*Write and dispose of the list of items that no longer serve you. 
*Talk about the significance of this moon cycle!

Cost is $15 up to a week ahead or $20 the night of

28 Day Chakra Challenge Online Workshop

The 7 Chakras are energy centers throughout your body that manage different parts or aspects of your body. If any of those energy centers are unbalanced it could lead to different “issues”. For example if you feeling sluggish or tired your sacral Chakra probably needs to be cleared! 

In this Challenge 
*everyday you will learn something about 1 different chakra
*You will be given different suggestions on how to clear each chakra.
*you will walk away from this challenge feeling lighter!
*you will receive recipes to make healthy well chakra balancing meals
*I will encourage questions and comments 
*you can read through at any point throughout the day! 

Why not start the new year lighter and happier! ****PLUS receive a set of chakra stones, a chakra clearing essential oil spray and a chakra bracelet! A $30 value!!! *****

The challenge is $35. Once you purchase a ticket you will be directed to the “SECRET” group!

Challenge runs from December 4th-December 31st...28 days!!!

Get your Life BACK!

Do you ever wonder how you will ever get your spunk back? 
Do you even think it's possible? 
You're just making the motions in life.
Well I am here to teach you how to STOP and start living a happy fulfilling life! 
I have the tools that will teach you how to be positive about life and truly enjoy it! 

This is a 3 month workshop which you will 
*Learn how to smile again 
*Remember how to live life the way you had intended
*Stop letting stress and unhappiness control you 

We will meet once a week at Tranquility Wellness Center in Westford,MA or at your home within 30 miles of Nashua, NH. We can also meet via Facebook messenger, Skype or Facetime. You will have exercises to do during the week and I guarantee at the end of the 3 months you will not be mentally the same person! As long as you do the exercises! 

Let yourself be the happy YOU for only $275 a month for 3 months!!! Why not start feeling better TODAY!! 

Workshop starts the week after you register and continues every week for 14 weeks.